Life Begins with Music!

  • Morning Mix (Coming Soon)- 6am to 9am.
    A musical haven of inspiring music without fake news and fluff. Just a great blend of Chillout, NewAge, Celtic and lite conversation.

  • Music for your senses all day.
    Take a stroll through Forest Green with all of your favourites from NewAge, Celtic, Chillout and more.

  • The Overnight Lounge - Midnight to 6am
    The magic begins at midnight with ambient, experimental, new jazz, and more throughout the night.

  • Celtic Weekend - Saturdays 6am til Noon
    That magical Celtic Flavour from some of the best artists from across the world.

  • Classic Sunday - Sundays 6am til Noon
    The most popular Classical music to take you through your Sunday Mornings

  • Intensions - (Coming soon) Sundays at 9pm
    Energy flows where your intention goes. Taking back reality in the fake world we live in.